• Twisted Fern

Description:  Twisted fern is one of the easiest of the ferns to grow indoors. Its twisted frond gives it a rough, ruffled looking effect and therefore it looks really good in a hanging basket. This fern has leaves up to about 20 centimeters long growing from a twisted rhizome. Each dark green, shiny leaf is made up of several pairs of leaflets, the largest of which is about 5 × 2 cm. They have pointed tips and slightly rippled edges. The sori are up to a centimeter long and are narrow and somewhat curved in shape



Water enough to keep the soil surface evenly moist throughout the season. This fern's growing medium shouldn't be allowed to dry out completely while actively growing, but it should never be soggy or wet. Although Emina likes moisture, it can't tolerate wet feet. In addition to your regular watering schedule, soak this plant's soil completely about once a month during warm spells. Allow it to drain thoroughly.


This plant grows best in direct sunlight of 2-4 hours


Organic potting soil is recommended, which consists of 1 part garden soil, 1 part organic manure/compost, 1 part coco-peat and 1-2 tablespoons of organic pesticide like neem-cake.

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Twisted Fern

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