• Euphorbia Tirucalli


Euphorbia tirucalli has unmistakable, brush-like branch masses that are a noticeable feature of the plant. It also occurs over the widest distribution of all local euphorbias and is also a very variable plant ranging from many-branched shrubs to large trees, depending on the particular habitat.

The rubber-hedge euphorbia is a many-branched, succulent plant, usually 3-5 m but may reach 10 m on occasion. The bark of very old specimens is grey and rough with longitudinal dents and ridges that break up into very small fragments. There are sometimes conspicuous, small protuberances, such as a bulge, knob, or swelling, on the bark, and occasionally black, rough, crosswise bands. The branches are cylindrical, smooth and glabrous-green, 5-8 mm in diameter, forming brush-like masses that are the best known feature of this species. Plants are without spines.

The flowers are yellow, inconspicuous, and carried in clusters at the apex of the short branches or in the angles of branches. They appear in September to December.

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Euphorbia Tirucalli

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