• Baby Tears

Description: The Helxine soleirolii is a low growing plant often found in terrariums or bottle gardens. Usually referred to as the baby’s tear plant, it may also be listed under other common names such as Corsican curse, Corsican carpet plant, Irish moss (not to be confused with Sagina Irish moss) and mind-your-own-business. Baby’s tear care is easy and this houseplant will provide additional interest to the home.

Growing Baby’s Tear Plant Baby’s tear has a moss-like appearance with small round green leaves on fleshy stems. Mostly sought out for its low growing habit (6 inches tall by 6 inches wide) and strikingly green foliage, this plant lacks a truly vibrant bloom. The flowers of the baby’s tear tend to be rather inconspicuous. This member of the Urticaceae group loves an elevated humidity level with moderately moist soil, perfect for terrariums and the like. Its spreading, creeping form also works well draped decoratively over the edge of a pot or can be pinched off to create a small dramatic mound of tight apple green leaves. Due to its spreading propensity, the baby’s tear plant works well as a ground cover too.

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Baby Tears

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